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Be the envy of all your friends with this one of a kind tote bag featuring MY photography. This tote features Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips in his infamous plastic bubble being tossed about the crowd at the Firefly Music Festival in 2012. An especially durable, poly poplin fabric, double sided, full bleed printed,Continue Reading “For sale on RedBubble”

Concert Photography

Concert Photo Gallery: Firefly Music Festival 2012

Without question, one of the best gigs I’ve had as a photographer was the inaugural Firefly Music Festival in Dover Delaware. It was 3 days of great, great music and unforgettable moments like when I watched the members of several bands play an impromptu soccer game in the Artists area or Michael Franti and IContinue Reading “Concert Photo Gallery: Firefly Music Festival 2012”

Concert Photography

Photo Gallery: People of Firefly Music Festival 2013

My generation(Xers) just about ruined past festival experiences for me – ie: 90’s Woodstocks & Lollas etc. We were(and maybe still are) an angst-riddled bunch. In the two years I’ve gone to Firefly, it’s the attendees that have made the festival that much more special. Maybe it’s because I’m of the kinder, gentler sort. IContinue Reading “Photo Gallery: People of Firefly Music Festival 2013”

Concert Photography

Photo of the Day: Jack White

  Jack White was the headliner the first night of the very first Firefly Music Festival in 2012. I showed up at the pit early like I was supposed to and was handed a playing card and told to come back 10 minutes before the band took the stage. When I came back, I flashedContinue Reading “Photo of the Day: Jack White”