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Your website can give you a competitive advantage. A non-professional, static, and slow loading site does nothing for your business and can actually damage your business reputation. My website designs load quickly, use modern style-based code, are easy for your visitors to use, and are guaranteed to look and work great on phones, tablets, laptops, and computers.

A good website design is filled with quality, relevant content, is well-written, looks good, and provides a good experience for your visitors — and achieves the goals you have for the site.  There are several key factors that I pay a lot of attention to when developing your website:

* A clear purpose for your website has been defined
* Ensuring your website contains relevant/pertinent content that visitors will find valuable
* Make the information easy to find
* Use color and illustrations/photos to support the content
* Optimize all photos or illustrations so that the site loads quickly
* Use of web-compliant coding so that pages look professional and consistent

The building of your website consists of page design, coding, graphic design, and content organization. This requires a set technical and creative skills that often have to be subcontracted to different sources. When you work with me, I provide all the necessary skills based on my years of experience.

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