Photo of the Day – Welcome Spring!
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Photo of the Day – Welcome Spring!

Giant sunflower


It seemed most appropriate to post flowers today in honor of the vernal equinox. While we did have a major snowstorm that dumped 36″ of snow on us in early winter 2013, this one felt worse. Statistically, it was on par with a normal season, but it just felt worse. The good: Spring is finally here. I’m about to order garden soil for a new tomato garden and to refill my other veggie boxes. The crocuses we planted last Fall should be peeking out soon. The bad: it’s still chilly in the early Spring. When I had my daughter in 2001, it snowed a little in April, though it was short-lived, so the possibility it could still snow just a smidge is there. The ugly: Winter is about 9 months away. It goes by pretty quickly. Take it from a pregnant woman. 🙂

This picture was taken in my garden last Fall. It was the first season I successfully grew sunflowers that the birds didn’t steal the seeds. The trick is to have a fully stocked bird feeder and/or suet blocks near your plantings at all times. This one was 8ft tall with an 9″ diameter center.

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