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Experimenting with Google and Facebook Advertising

I recently re-launched and old online store of mine, Red Pepper Studio, to sell a large inventory of product I still had sitting on the shelves. People love to clip recipes, but they always end up getting trashed in a drawer. The cookbook binders on my site do a great job of keeping them all neat and organized and by the time you’ve overstuffed your book with recipes, you’re ready for a new one. But I digress. On re-launch I took out two ads: one on Google Adwords and one on Facebook. I didn’t run them for long and my budget was very extremely limited.

Here’s where I skip the technical stuff about targeting your audiences. In more simple terms, let’s just say I tweaked things here and there over the course of the experiment to see what gave me a better return on my investment.

As it turns out, both Google and Facebook averaged the same dollar amount per click to my website, give or take a few cents. However, in terms of click-throughs to my site, the winner was Facebook. Then, I switched the Facebook campaign to paying for “Likes” to the Facebook page for the website instead and that ended up being the way to go. I went from having just a few likes from friends and family to over 90 new followers, now pushing me over the 100 mark. I did this in just under a week and it worked well because I know my products and I know who my target audiences are. I also still rely on good ole-fashioned word-of-mouth from family and friends – past customers too, but in the end, you need to invest some degree of capital in your marketing plan and use it wisely.

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