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Photo of the Day: Central Park Horses

  I was meaning to get just the horse drawn carriages at one of the entrances to Central Park. The lady was standing with the man in the hat in the background when I was lining up the photo. She was very taken by the horses; you could tell by the look of authentic happinessContinue Reading “Photo of the Day: Central Park Horses”

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Concert Photo of the Day: Marilyn Manson

The first time I heard of Marilyn Manson was from one of my assistant managers at the record store I worked at in high school. She was very goth/emo when those words actually meant that. Her hair was black and purple as was her wardrobe. She never, ever wore anything but black and purple. It soundedContinue Reading “Concert Photo of the Day: Marilyn Manson”

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Experimenting with Google and Facebook Advertising

I recently re-launched and old online store of mine, Red Pepper Studio, to sell a large inventory of product I still had sitting on the shelves. People love to clip recipes, but they always end up getting trashed in a drawer. The cookbook binders on my site do a great job of keeping them allContinue Reading “Experimenting with Google and Facebook Advertising”


26 Words You Should Never Say to Me in a Work Environment

From an article on the HuffPo, this is a decent list of  26 words that will make me cringe. You can read more about why these words kind of suck at the original article by clicking this link. My personal opinion is that these words sound condescending. I have a very low tolerance for bullshit and business jargonContinue Reading “26 Words You Should Never Say to Me in a Work Environment”