Bush at the Murat
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Bush at the Murat

I spent Valentine’s day with my two loves, husband and kids excluded: music and photography. This time around it was Bush at the Murat in Indianapolis. I have always been a passive fan, so to speak. They have never really been the “my life will be incomplete if I never see them” kind of band to me, and Woodstock 99 is a bit of a blur. Maaaaaybe I saw them? Regardless, in 2015, they were definitely on my bucket list of bands to photograph and I did the best I could with what I had to work with. Tis the beauty of concert photography. Every venue is a new experience and you have to be prepared to adapt the conditions quickly.

I am a little disappointed the venue did not have a photo pit, leaving me to either be relegated to one side or clamoring for space with a fan who doesn’t give three figs I need to get my photos. The venue should really reconsider taking those first two rows out to give photographers a work space. The next row is still pretty damn close to the stage; anyone sitting there would not be have a bad seat.

I say this about every band and maybe it’s because I only go see the best of the best, but Bush was amazing. Every song I would have wanted to hear live was delivered with great energy from four incredibly talented musicians. The encore was stellar. Personal preference would have swapped ‘Glycerine’ out with ‘Chemicals Between Us’ in its place, but that aside, the encore included a fantastic rendition of Talking Heads’ ‘Once in a Lifetime’. So fucking good!

Killer set list. Loved the show. Photographed a pretty legendary rock band. Another great show down, more to come.
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